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Build Your Own Variety Box 6ct

by build your own

Item # 10698

Price $7.99

Please Name Your Variety Pack And Select 6 K-Cups

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Brooklyn Beans Breakfast Blend Single Cup
Brown Gold 100% Costa Rican Realcups
CoffeeIcon 100% Costa Rican
Java Factory Roasters Wakey Wakey Single Cup
Marley Get Up, Stand Up Organic Realcups
Martinson Breakfast Blend Realcups
Martinson Donut Shop Realcups

Light- Medium

Community Coffee Breakfast Blend K-Cup® Pods
Espresza Rainforest Blend Single Serve Cups -
Twisted Pine Autumn Sunrise Single Serve


Barista's Best Kona Blend Single Cup -
Barista's Best Bali Blue Moon Single Serve -
Barista's Best Aztec Sunrise Single Serve -
Barista's Best Malabar Monsoon Single Serve -
Barista's Best Hawaiian Hazelnut Single Serve -
Brown Gold 100% Colombian Realcups
Brown Gold 100% Peruvian Realcups
CoffeeIcon Bed & Breakfast Blend
CoffeeIcon Nantucket Island Blend
CoffeeIcon 100% Ethiopian
CoffeeIcon 100% Sumatran
CoffeeIcon Donut Shop
CoffeeIcon Organic Peru Single Serve -
CoffeeIcon Organic Colombian Single Serve -
CoffeeIcon Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe -
CoffeeIcon Haff-Caff
Community Coffee Cafe Special K-Cup® Pods
Don Francisco Kona Blend Single Serve
Espresza Sumatra Sunset Single Serve Cups -
Espresza Machu Picchu Peru Single Serve Cups -
Gas Station Coffee Route 66 Blend Single Serve
Granite Peak Coffee Up North Blend
Granite Peak Coffee Cabin Blend
Granite Peak Coffee Sumatran Select
Guy Fieri American Diner Blend Portion Packs
Java Factory Roasters Smooth Caffeinator Single Cup
Marley One Love Organic Realcups
Marley Mystic Morning Realcups
Martinson Jolt of Joe Realcups
Martinson House Blend Realcups
Martinson Kona Blend Realcups
Patriot Joe Coffee Major Medium Roast -
Second Cup Medium Mountain Blend
Tim Hortons Regular Coffee Single Serve Cups
Twisted Pine 100% Guatemalan Single Serve
Twisted Pine Wakey Wakey Single Serve
Twisted Pine Donut Shop Single Serve
Twisted Pine Title Town Brew Single Serve
Twisted Pine Hawaiian Blend Single Serve
Twisted Pine 1265 Breakfast Blend Single Serve
Wolfgang Puck® Rodeo Dr. Blend RealCup Portion Packs
Wolfgang Puck® Breakfast In Bed RealCups

Medium- Dark

Community Coffee Coffee And Chicory K-Cup® Pods
Don Francisco Breakfast Blend Single Serve
Marley Lively Up Espresso Organic Realcups


Authentic Donut Shop Blend Dark Roast Original Portion Packs
Barista's Best Mocha Java Single Serve -
Brooklyn Beans Express-O Single Cup
Brooklyn Beans Fuhgeddaboutit Single Cup
Brown Gold 100% Brazilian Realcups
CoffeeIcon French Kiss Realcups
CoffeeIcon Double Barrel Blend
Community Coffee Dark Roast K-Cup® Pods
Espresza Jaguar Espresso Single Serve Cups -
Granite Peak Coffee Kenya Bold
Granite Peak Double Dark
Guy Fieri Redwood Roast Portion Packs
Java Factory Roasters Da Bomb Extra Bold Single Cup
Java Factory Roasters Dark And Handsome Single Cup
Marley Buffalo Soldier Realcups
Martinson Italian Roast Realcups
Martinson Dark Roast Blend Realcups
Martinson French Roast Realcups
Patriot Joe Coffee Jet Espresso Roast -
Patriot Joe Coffee Patriot Dark Roast -
Second Cup Extra Bold European Blend
Tim Hortons Dark Roast Single Serve Cups
Twisted Pine Cafe Allonge Single Serve
Twisted Pine Dark Italian Roast Single Serve
Wolfgang Puck® Go Bold RealCups


Authentic Donut Shop Blend Decaf Vanilla Hazelnut
Brooklyn Beans Decaf Breakfast Blend Single Cup
Cake Boss Decaf Dulce De Leche Portion Packs
CoffeeIcon Decaf Texas Pecan Pie
CoffeeIcon Decaf Maple French Toast
CoffeeIcon Decaf Butter Toffee Crunch
CoffeeIcon Decaf Bed & Breakfast
CoffeeIcon Decaf German Chocolate Cake
CoffeeIcon Decaf French Kiss
CoffeeIcon Decaf Donut Shop
Community Coffee Cafe Special Decaf K-Cup® Pods
Granite Peak Coffee Double Dark Decaf
Granite Peak Coffee Decaf Upnorth Blend
Granite Peak Coffee Decaf Hazelnut
Granite Peak Coffee Decaf Turtle Mocha
Guy Fieri Decaf Unleaded Portion Packs
Marley Coffee Simmer Down Decaf RealCups
Martinson Decaf Vanilla Hazelnut Realcups
Martinson Decaf Colombian Realcups
Patriot Joe Coffee Sergeant Decaf -
Tim Hortons Decaf Coffee Single Serve Cups
Twisted Pine Decaf Hawaiian Hazelnut Single Serve
Twisted Pine Decaf Creme Brulee Single Serve
Twisted Pine Decaf Irish Creme Single Serve
Twisted Pine Decaf Autumn Sunrise Single Serve
Wolfgang Puck® After Dark Decaf RealCups


Authentic Donut Shop Blend Chocolate Chip Cookie Portion Packs
Authentic Donut Shop Blend Vanilla Hazelnut Portion Packs
Barnie's Coffee Kitchen Creme Brulee Portion Packs
Barnie's Coffee Kitchen Santa's White Christmas
Barnie's Coffee Kitchen Southern Pecan Portion Packs
Barnie's Coffee Kitchen Cool Cafe Blues Portion Packs
Brooklyn Beans Cinnamon Subway Single Cup
Brooklyn Beans Coney Island Caramel Single Cup
Brooklyn Beans Oh Fudge! Single Cup
Brooklyn Beans Hazelnut Single Cup
Brooklyn Beans Maple Sleigh Single Cup
Brooklyn Beans Vanilla Skyline Single Cup
Cake Boss Chocolate Cannoli Portion Packs
Cake Boss Chocolate Fudge Cake Portion Packs
Cake Boss Italian Rum Cake Portion Packs
Cake Boss Hazelnut Biscotti Portion Packs
Cake Boss Dulce De Leche Portion Packs
Cake Boss Vanilla Buttercream Portion Packs
CoffeeIcon Salted Caramel Shortbread Cookie
CoffeeIcon Cinnamon Crumb Cake Swirl
CoffeeIcon Houston Blend
CoffeeIcon German Chocolate Cake
CoffeeIcon Texas Pecan Pie
CoffeeIcon Vanilla Macadamia Nut
CoffeeIcon Jamaican Me Nuts
CoffeeIcon Butter Toffee Crunch
CoffeeIcon Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake
CoffeeIcon Mexican Cinnamon Churros
CoffeeIcon Smores
CoffeeIcon Caramel Crunch
CoffeeIcon Red Velvet Coffee
CoffeeIcon Apple Pie
CoffeeIcon Blueberry Scone
CoffeeIcon Highlander Grogg
CoffeeIcon Irish Creme Coffee
Community Coffee Pecan Praline K-Cup® Pods
Don Francisco Hawaiian Hazelnut Single Serve
Don Francisco Vanilla Nut Single Serve
Granite Peak Turtle Mocha
Granite Peak Coffee Boston Cream Pie
Granite Peak Coffee French Vanilla
Granite Peak Coffee Cinnamon Cannoli
Granite Peak Coffee Hazelnut
Granite Peak Coffee Tropical Coconut
Guy Fieri Bananas Foster Portion Packs
Guy Fieri Hot Fudge Brownie Portion Packs
Guy Fieri Caramel Apple Bread Pudding
Guy Fieri Hazelnut Cinnamon Roll Portion Pks
Guy Fieri Chocolate Mint Portion Packs
Hurricane Coffee Coconut Fudge Typhoon
Hurricane Coffee Butter Toffee Tsunami
Java Factory Roasters Choconut Single Cup
Java Factory Roasters Vanilla Dream Single Cup
Marley Catch A Fire Realcups
Martinson Pumpkin Pie Realcups
Martinson Winterfest Realcups
Martinson Cayman Coconut Realcups
Martinson Hazelnut Creme Realcups
Martinson Vanilla Velvet Realcups
Martinson Caramel Creme Realcups
Martinson Tiramisu Twist Realcups
Martinson Irish Creme Realcups
Martinson Texas Pecan RealCups
Patriot Joe Coffee Red White and Blue Blend -
Tim Hortons French Vanilla Single Serve Cups
Torani Salted Caramel Single Serve
Torani Coconut Macaroon Single Serve
Twisted Pine Blueberry Cobbler Single Serve
Twisted Pine Super Fudge Single Serve
Twisted Pine Mocha Mint Single Serve
Twisted Pine Highlander Grogg Single Serve
Twisted Pine Jamaica Me Crazy Single Serve
Twisted Pine Pumpkin Spice Single Serve
Twisted Pine Carameled Sea Salt Single Serve
Twisted Pine Cinnamon Coffee Cake Single Serve
Wolfgang Puck® Vanilla French Toast RealCups
Wolfgang Puck® Hawaiian Hazelnut RealCup Portion Packs
Wolfgang Puck® Jamaican Me Crazy RealCups


CoffeeIcon Casablanca Herbal Tea -
CoffeeIcon Sencha Kyushu Decaf Green Tea -
CoffeeIcon Cream Earl Grey -
CoffeeIcon Strawberry Kiwi Herbal Tea -
CoffeeIcon Decaf Earl Grey -
CoffeeIcon Mint Green Tea -
Higgins and Burke Bountiful Green Tea Ecocups
Higgins And Burke Chai Glow Tea Ecocups™
Higgins And Burke Roaring Black Tea Ecocups
Higgins And Burke Bergamia Grey Tea Ecocups
Higgins And Burke Lush Berry Herbal Tea Ecocups
Higgins And Burke Chamomint Moon Herbal Tea Ecocups
Higgins And Burke English Breakfast Tea Realcups
Higgins And Burke Orange Pekoe Tea Realcups
Skinnygirl Sangria Hibiscus Single Serve Tea
Skinnygirl Peach Bellini Single Serve Tea
Skinnygirl Cranberry Cosmo Single Serve Tea
Twinings® Lemon & Ginger Herbal Tea K-Cup® Pods
Twinings® Green Jasmine Tea K-Cup® Pods
Twinings® English Breakfast Tea K-Cup® Pods
Twinings® Decaf English Breakfast Tea K-Cup® Pods
Twinings® Earl Grey Tea K-Cup® Pods
Twinings® Decaf Earl Grey Tea K-Cup® Pods
Twinings® Green Tea K-Cup® Pods
Twinings® African Rooibos Red Tea K-Cup® Pods
Twinings® Pure Camomile Tea K-Cup® Pods
Twinings® Pure Peppermint Tea K-Cup® Pods
Twinings® Decaf Chai Tea K-Cup® Pods
Twinings® Christmas Tea K-Cup® Pods
Twinings® Winter Spice Tea K-Cup® Pods
Twinings® Spiced Apple Chai K-Cup® Pods
Twinings® Pumpkin Spice Chai K-Cup® Pods
Twinings® Irish Breakfast Tea K-Cup® Pods
Twisted Pine Green Tea
Twisted Pine English Breakfast Tea Single Serve


CoffeeIcon Creamy Vanilla Cappuccino
CoffeeIcon Red Velvet Cappuccino
CoffeeIcon Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino
CoffeeIcon Irish Cream Cappuccino
Martinson French Vanilla Cappuccino Realcups
Martinson Hazelnut Cappuccino Realcups
Twisted Pine French Vanilla Cappuccino Single Serve
Twisted Pine Mocha Cappuccino Single Serve
Twisted Pine Salty Caramel Cappuccino Single Serve


Higgins And Burke Chai Latte RealCups
Martinson French Vanilla Latte Realcups
Twinings Chai Latte
Twisted Pine Vanilla Chai Single Serve


CoffeeIcon Caramel Apple Cider
Twisted Pine Hot Apple Cider Single Serve


Bosco Butterscotch Hot Cocoa Single Serve Cups
Bosco Classic Chocolate Hot Cocoa Single Serve Cups
Brooklyn Beans Mexican Hot Cocoa Single Cup
Brooklyn Beans Campfire Hot Cocoa Single Cup
Brooklyn Beans Peanut Butter Cup Hot Cocoa
CoffeeIcon Creamy Hot Cocoa
CoffeeIcon Red Velvet Hot Cocoa
CoffeeIcon Dark Hot Chocolate
CoffeeIcon Glazed Chocolate Donut Cocoa
Junior Mints Hot Cocoa Single Serve
Martinson Cup O`Cocoa Hot Cocoa Mix Realcups
Martinson Wild Cherry Dark Chocolate Cocoa
Sugar Babies Hot Cocoa Single Serve
Tootsie Roll Hot Cocoa Single Serve
Twisted Pine Mint Hot Cocoa Single Serve

Brew Over Ice

CoffeeIcon Brew Over Ice Lemonade
CoffeeIcon Brew Over Ice Half And Half
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