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A MUST HAVE!!! 08/26/2015   |    Reviewed by: redraider2010 5 out of 5

This machine is worth every $$$$$. I have it hooked up to the same water line my fridge uses so I never have to worry about filling it back up. Never has clogged on me. Always makes the perfect cup of coffee. :

what a machine!!06/03/2015   |    Reviewed by: Officeguy 5 out of 5

Why have you been hiding This machine is awesome!! I kicked out my expensive office coffee provider and bout this machine for our office of 50 employees!! They wouldnt sell me Marley Coffee due to some dumb contract with Keurig CoffeeIcon sent me a free box of Marleys Lively up too. Highly recommend this machine.

Best single cup brewer05/30/2015   |    Reviewed by: Dazen 5 out of 5

I bought this machine after many broken keurigs B150, and keurig customer service is no help and rude! We drink a lot of coffee in my house and I needed a machine the could make hot non bitter coffee, brew 16 oz to go cups, could be plumbed, and was not a keurig. The RC 400 fit the bill and much more. The RC 400 does everything. I have no complains other than I wish there were better instructions on how to self plumb the machine with the omnipure filter.

office love it!!05/27/2015   |    Reviewed by: Tduffy 5 out of 5

My office had 32 employees and we were burning through Keurig brewers every 6 months. When I saw this machine I just had to have it. It has a cool touch screen and we hooked it up ourselves to our kitchen sink water line. No more filling up the tank anymore for us!!

Realcup RC-400 Brewer

by realcup

Item # 9081


Realcup™ RC-400 Brewer. Brews all Single Cup pods . GREAT for the office or at home. This commercial grade machine can be plumbed into a water line, or used as a pourover style with a water reservoir. Manufactured in partnership with Grindmaster, a GMCW™ company, this machine does it all.

•Dimensions: 15.7"H x 11"W x 15"D

Offers a touch screen menu for easy operation. Pulse brew & pre-infusion optimized for coffee, tea and cocoa. Multiple brew sizes and a travel mug size too. The RealCup™ RC400 brewer is compatible for use with all commercially available Single Cup Pods and of course RealCup™.

Click here for more details - realcup.com/business-solutions/brewer.php



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